Jeff Appeldoorn Photographer 

With a passion for the city of Rotterdam, Jeff Appeldoorn captures the city’s beauty like no other. That is why Eramus Tours couldn’t be happier to be partnering with him. We look forward to sharing his talent with you via our website and social media platforms! 


VKOZ - For an unforgettable event

VKOZ is an event agency from Rotterdam with a keen eye for details. They are experienced in organizing sports, business and cultural events, and in managing the communication that takes place around it. Crucial to an event’s success is the perfect preparation. Therefore from the original idea to the event itself, VKOZ conceptualizes, designs and coordinates every aspect of the process. VKOZ offers specialized event planning services based on your needs, so that you can reach your goals without any concerns.

Erasmus Tours is pleased to partner with VKOZ, and together, provide the best visitor experience in Rotterdam. 


ITHA Dutch Language Institute

ITHA language institute is specialized in Dutch language courses since 1991. ITHA organizes intensive Dutch language programs for foreigners from beginners to state exam level NT2-2. Dedicated to the fast progression of their students, teachers at ITHA go above and beyond the regular curriculum and organize cultural activities. These activities allow students to discover Dutch culture, network with their peers and practice their language skills in a fun and friendly setting.


Erasmus Travels

Planning a trip to Canada? Want a customize trip through Europe? Erasmus travels can turn your dream into a reality. With expertise of both North America and Europe, we will gladly share our tips and tricks and design the itinerary that matches your vision. All our itineraries are custom made.